This is a two day course that covers the basic skills of outdoor climbing.


Ready for the next level? Learn the skills you need to climb on your own.


Ready to break away from the bolts? This course teaches you traditional climbing and rescue techniques.


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Beginner Course


Learn the basics of rock climbing. This course is designed for novice climbers and those new to outdoor climbing. You will learn all the skills necessary to climb in a top-rope system. After covering skills and technique you will have open time to test it on the rock. All necessary rock climbing gear will be provided, but feel free to bring your own.

This course contains two classes:

Climbing 101 - Rock climbing safety, basic equipment, fundamental knots, belaying, commands and communication, and movement technique. Half Day ~ 4 hrs.

Climbing 201 - Basic top-rope anchor construction, anchor cleaning, rappelling, rappel back-ups, more knots, and technique. Half Day ~ 4 hrs.

Price - $180 / student


Intermediate Course


This course is for those who are comfortable top-rope climbing and are ready to advance. It builds upon the Beginner Course to teach you everything you need to go climbing on your own. After lessons and drills, these classes will give you time to practice your leading skills on the rock. All rock climbing gear will be provided, but feel free to bring your own.

This course contains 2 classes:

Learn to Lead (Sport) - Lead technique, leader safety, lead belay, more top-rope anchor options, and lead equipment. Half day ~ 4 hrs.

All About Anchors - Principles of anchor building, knots, natural and fixed anchor options, redirects, safety considerations, system checks. Half day ~ 4 hrs.

Price = $200 / student


Advanced Course


Learn the skills every experienced climber should know. This course opens up endless climbing possibilities. Learn the skills you need to climb any crack, climb any height, and get yourself out of trouble.

This course contains 3 classes:

Traditional (Trad) Protection - Trad gear, gear placement and assessment, principles in trad anchors, crack climbing technique, and a short history. Half day ~ 4 hrs.

Self Rescue Skills- Ascending/descending ropes, counter-balance ascending/descending, escaping the belay, raising systems. Half day ~ 4 hrs.

Multi-pitch Skills - Top belaying, rope management, rappel techniques, communication. Half Day ~ 4 hrs.

Price - $360.00 / student


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