Ambition Package

Everything you need to climb outdoors.


Traditional Package

Ready for the next level? Learn the skills you need to climb on your own.


Get It All

Time to break away from the bolts? This course teaches you traditional climbing and rescue techniques.


Ambition Package


Are you ready to jump into the sport of rock climbing? This package will give you a boost and keep your momentum going. You get all the classes and the gear that you need to rock climb outside.

In this package:

Classes: Climbing 101, Climbing 201, Learn to Lead (Sport), and All About Anchors.

Gear: Black Diamond Momentum Harness, Black Diamond 9.9 60m Climbing Rope, ATC-XP Belay Device, Rocklock Screwgate Carabiner, (2) Black Diamond Freewire Quickpack, (2) Positron Screwgate Carabiners, (2) Mini Pearabiner Screwgate Carabiners, 120 cm Nylon Runner, 7mm Cordelette Anchor, 5mm Prussik Loop, Mojo Chalk Bag, White Gold Chalk.

Total Value - $780

Package Price - $580

Total Savings - $200